Guiding Principles

Although there are infinite ways to approach an immersive volunteer commitment, at Indicorps we highlighted several key principles, hoping this framework would guide fellows to see their experience as something bigger than just themselves and the outcomes of their service projects. We trusted that the practice of these mantras would offer meaningful insight during the process and manifest love in service.

We have organized the video stories from the fellows in the field according to several of the main mantras of Indicorps. Below we have explained the spirit of each. We also encourage you--as a volunteer, fellow or program--to think intentionally about your guiding principles and use them consistently to go deeper and further along your service journey.

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Test your limits

It is at our edges that we learn the most and grow
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Question norms
  • Overcome fears
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Tap strength within

Everything we require is already within us; we just need to channel it
  • Aspire for significance
  • Humility exemplifies strength
  • Live beyond transactions
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Look, listen & learn

Mindful observation and deep listening help us see through walls, bridge gaps and find the answers
  • Understand context
  • Build trust
  • Get beyond me
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Be present

Connect with the potential around you, get into the flow and live the life you are meant to lead
  • Stay proximate
  • Participate/immerse fully
  • Simplify needs and remove judgment
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Think global, act local

Creating sustainable change in the world must begin from where we are right now
  • Be solution oriented
  • Know your strengths & weaknesses
  • Manage expectations
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Live authentically

How can i live so that every moment of my life reflects the totality of my values/my being
  • Reflect your best self
  • Align thoughts, words, actions
  • Means matter