Onward Journey

Life after an intense, dedicated period of service can lead to more questions than answers and often sparks the challenging search for an equally purposeful way of life and work. In these short videos, Indicorps alumni share diverse approaches of how they continue to nurture the flame of intentional living and the spirit of service. In the Community to Continuity alumni booklet, fellows talk about the futility of packaging their fellowship year and learning to (re)define, (re)negotiate, and (re)build as a continual process. We hope you find inspiration as these alumni muse over their own experience in an effort to provide advice to those who follow.


Shital Shah

Fellow, 2005-2006

A Window into Myself

Tanya Sehgal

Fellow, 2006-2007

Facing my Fears

Asha Patel

Fellow, 2005-2006

Common Humanity

Laxmi Chhaya

Fellow, 2009-2010

Turning Up

Prerna Srivastava

Fellow, 2006-2007

Living upto My Name

Community to Continuity Booklet