Why Serve?

If you are moved to embark on a committed volunteer expedition or service journey, the first question you should ask yourself is why. By exploring the depth of your reasoning, you can better define what success looks like for you. In this section we have (1) a reflective questionnaire to help you deepen in clarity and intention and (2) a few short videos where fellows/staff share why they committed to follow their passions despite the trade-offs and what those choices meant for them.


Why Serve

A Guided Questionnaire

Roopal Shah


Hemang Srikishan

Fellow, 2008

Sowmya Somnath

Fellow, 2008

Priti Shah

Fellow, 2008

Rupal Soni

Fellow, 2003-2004

Anjali Adukia

Staff, 2004-2005

Are you the Change?