Leadership Relay

The joy of watching others step up to take responsibility

Dushyant Gadhia

As a volunteer coach, Dushyant took a team of Ahmedabad Ultimate players for an out-of-town tournament. He had a lot of challenges in keeping them in line. A year later, Dushyant organized a national tournament in Ahmedabad and was amazed that these same young people stepped up to take leadership and responsibility to make it a success. Dushyant's story reaffirms the power of sport and team to bring out the best in youth.

Something to think about

  1. In your project and community, what would it look like to lead in ways that are "less than glorious?"
  2. There is an Ethiopian Proverb that says "When spiders unite, they can tie up a lion". How do you think this applies to youth and action?
  3. What are the "big" and "small" ways that you, your team members, and your community can take ownership of your service project? How might the "small" things not be as small as they seem?
Leadership Relay