BIG change, one person at a time

The gift of being there for those around you

Pramal Lad

Pramal's project was to expand microfinance in rural villages. However, a tragedy in his host family dramatically changed his responsibilities. Pramal realizes that the opportunity to serve comes in different shapes and forms.

Something to think about

  1. Pramal probably interacted with hundreds of people in crisis when he was in India without pouring his abilities into supporting them in whatever way possible. Was it appropriate for him to focus his attention on one family at the expense of his responsibility to the local non-profit and to the larger issues of the community he had come to serve? Why?
  2. What was a time when life presented you something different than you had planned, and your pivoting to address the situation at hand made all the difference?
  3. What is the connection between relationships and who it is we are called on to help, or ultimately impact the most? In growing your "family" to include people in a new place, do you have obligations to those people like those to your own family?
  4. When have you responded to a need in front of you? Or ignored a need?
BIG change, one person at a time