The .001% in my control

Redirecting negative energy to where I can make a difference

Molly G.

On a walk home late one evening, Molly witnessed an incident that was deeply upsetting. She tried to get a policeman and bystanders to help. When she realized she could not do anything, she went home and cried for a long time. Find out how Molly channels the power, passions, and strength she does have to chip away at the problems that are important to her.

Something to think about

  1. That seems difficult to experience, recount, and hear. What are your first thoughts in hearing Molly's story?
  2. Often the immediate action may seem like the most righteous thing to do. But why is it important to be aware of the indirect consequences to people like the victim, their family, and more after you have been a "One time hero" and leave the community?
  3. From where do you derive your motivation? What are constructive ways that you can channel your frustrations and sadness from the field?
The .001% in my control