Motivations of an aspiring superhero

Trying to help without understanding the full picture

Prashant Solanky

As a corrolary to his main project of post-disaster community rebuilding, Prashant shares a story about first-aid response for a man he noticed bleeding on the side of the road. In the end, everyone in the story, including the bleeding man, were angry with Prashant. With great humor and honest self-reflection, Prashant talks about the multiple factors that contributed to this comedy of errors

Something to think about

  1. Have you ever felt the need to overcompensate in ways when you experienced lack of progress in your project/service goal?
  2. Can definitions of danger be cultural? How can we learn to read local cues better? When is it appropriate to push back on the local values and when is it necessary to respect them?
  3. When has your ego had a blinding effect and caused you to act without listening to voices around you?
  4. Speak about a time when a larger worry or concern subconciously caused you to misinterpret a situation. How can you be more fully present in each moment?
Motivations of an aspiring superhero