Not in my worldview

Confronting the social norms of a new community

Bhavana Chilukuri

Bhavana explores the challenges of navigating cultural norms in her community that conflict with her sense of right and wrong. While her struggle is still unresolved, Bhavana is able to push forward by shifting her perspective.

Something to think about

  1. What are your thoughts around gender roles in your community? Is there any way you can learn more about them?
  2. When you are a temporary visitor in a space, when and how does it make sense to challenge cultural norms? When is it time to practice patience and understanding?
  3. What might be wrong with a world where you judge which rules are right?
  4. Talk a bit about your own family or community norm that might have had a sensible explanation in the beginning, but got shorthanded into a rule along the way. How do you help yourself and others figure out the deeper context, its relevance in modern society, and when it is appropriate to push for change?
Not in my worldview