Burden of Choice

When what you believe is right, may not be right for everyone

Naeema Ginwala Hasan

Naeema offered to fund the higher education of one of her favorite students in her adolescent girls health initiative. The family turned down the scholarship offer for a marriage proposal. Naeema unpacks the interpretation of the choices in their different worlds.

Something to think about

  1. What aspects of your home culture may not be appropriate to encourage within your community? What expectations from your home culture may not be appropriate to hold towards your community members?
  2. Non-attachment to certain outcomes is easier said than done. But it can help bridge understanding and acceptance. How should we balance practicing non-attachment in our daily life while continuing to promote and fight for what we believe in?
  3. How can you naturally immerse yourself into a community of any kind to understand their values and challenges in order to gain perspective on how you can serve them in the best manner?
Burden of Choice