The artist's way

Examing the process as the product

Krishnan Unnikrishnan

Krishnan worked with a Mumbai non-profit to create a musical. He felt ineffective. The organization could not understand what he was doing. With the help of a fellow fellow, Krishnan realized how to make space for creativity and to examine the process as the product.

Something to think about

  1. How might digging deep into context -- context of the project, the country or community where you are located, why you are there, where you are in your own personal journey, etc -- be valuable in how things get done? How might context actually be part of the broader story?
  2. What does it look like to have a structure and yet "to let go and freefall in the moment"? How might that enable deeper presence?
  3. What does Krishnan mean when he speaks about examining the process as the product?  How might that apply to your own creative endeavors?
The artist's way