More than a job

Harnessing the unquantifiable force of love

Sahil Chaudry

Sahil took on the Bagar Employment Institute's very real mandate of helping local youth find jobs. He loved the creativity of restarting English classes, launching an internship program, creating a mobile naukri app, and doing a lot of grassroots promotion of the offerings. Sahil's greatest life lessons come from applying a space of love lens to his work.

Something to think about

  1. What are some noticeable improvements or progress you have seen in your project/community? Taking a step back, can you think of any relationships and bonds that led to this progress?
  2. What is an emotional support system you relied on during your service project?
  3. Why do you think Sahil felt it was patronizing to help somebody? What do you think he meant when he instead focused on interdependency? Do you agree or disagree?
More than a job