Video Stories

The 23 featured storytellers served as fellows or volunteer staff at Indicorps. The fellowship had a high intensity, values-based approach focused on community service with a strong emphasis on the personal transformation of the fellows as an integral part of leadership development. In a little over a decade, with approximately 500 volunteers, Indicorps touched millions of lives beyond the communities they served directly. These videos share a snapshot of what we learned along the way.

Watching the videos is only the start. Use these video stories and supporting questions as an entry point in your exploration of service, for reflection on your own experience, as well as for sparking larger philosophical questions. And if you think your lived experience of being a changemaker can expand the conversation, we invite you to add to this collection. You can record a video. You can write a few lines. We look forward to hearing about your journey and the lessons you have learned by challenging yourself in pursuit of a better world.